Job title Assistant Professor
Office Tel No. 7678
Email chchung@niu.edu.tw
Year Paper Title
2019 Jun 2019, pp1-16, (SCI)
2018 C.-M. Chiu,C.-T. Chien,N. Gord , and C.-H. Chung, Influence of climate on tree mortality in taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides) stands in Taiwan., New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science., 48, 6
2017 H.-C. Hsieh, C.-H. Chung, C.-Y. Huang, Using the NDVI and Mean Shift Segmentation to Extract Landslide Areas in the Lioukuei ExperimentalForest Region with Multi-temporal FORMOSAT-2 Images, Taiwan Journal of Forest Science, 32, 3
2017 C.-H. Chung ,C.-J. Lin ,S.-T. Lin and C. Huang , Determining Ideal Timing of Row Thinning for a Cryptomeria japonica Plantation Using Event History Analysis., Forests, 8, 77
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2017 C.-J. Lee, Y.-C. Chen, C.-H. Chung, C.-J. Lin, T.-H. Yang, Application of Wounding Window Methodology to Investigate the Tree Ring Boundary and Growth Pattern of Zelkova serrata, Journal of the experimental forest of national taiwan university, 31, 2
2016 C.-M. Chiu ,C.-T Chien ,G. Nigh ,C.-H. Chung, Climate and height growth of taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides) and Taiwan incense-cedar (Calocedrus formosana) in Taiwan., Forestry
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2015 T.-Y. Chen, C.-J. Lin, C.-H. Chung, P.-Y. Chen, Tree Ring Analysis of Taiwan Beech, Forest products industries
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2013 C.-H. Chung, Q.-Y. Lin, and C.-J. Lin, Radial growth increment of mahogany growing in southern taiwan, Quarterly Jounal of Chinese Forestry , 46, 1
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Year Lab Title Location
Silvicultural Laboratory 641
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
Taiwan National Taiwan University Department of Geography Ph.D 2010.09 ~ 2017.07
Taiwan National Taiwan University School of Forestry and Resource Conservation M.S 2002.09 ~ 2005.07
Taiwan National ILan University Department of Forestry B.S 2000.09 ~ 2002.07