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Goals of Education

The goals of our education is to culture experts who are able to survey, protect, manage and utilize forestry and natural resources and fields concerned, and to focus on humanities accomplishments, communication skills and leadership.


Objectives of Education

  • To culture experts in ecology protection who have expertise in ecological surveys and species protection.
  • To culture experts in management of forestry and natural resources with expertise in information technology and humanities accomplishments.
  • To culture experts with expertise in designing life-space combined with materials of wood and bamboo, and to improve the development of culture industry of wood and bamboo.
  • To culture experts to meet the needs of society development – on a basis of focusing on theory and pragmatic application.

Characteristics of Education

      With regard to resources of animals, plants, water and soil around us and the belief of sustainable management, our department focuses on discovering the structure, capability and diversity of ecosystems to use natural resources. At the meanwhile, with the belief that ecosystems are seamlessly and inseparably related to lives of individuals, our department focuses on ecosystem resources protection, sustainable management and wood/bamboo resources usage in individual lives, to achieve the goal of universal sustainable development.
  • Ecology Protection
With regard to local ecology specialties resources, our department focuses on global ecology change and ecology protection. Our course arrangement focuses on basic science training, connection to local ecology knowledge and society expectation of spices protection, actively develop whole-ecology-concerned spices protection courses, to culture multifaceted experts with expertise in ecological surveys and species protection knowledge.
  • Sustainable Management
Our department focuses on pragmatic fieldwork and approaches to analysis of survey data to provide information applied to management of resources decision making. We understand and respect different views toward management and usage of natural resources. Students are expected to have humanities accomplishments, skills of communication and coordination, and enthusiasm in sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Wood/bamboo Resources Usage
Our department combines science and managements which are both concerned with the belief of sustainable management and necessary for culture industry of wood and bamboo, to achieve the goal of sustainable usage of natural resources. Our course arrangement focuses on integration of ecology, humanities and science approaches. Gathering advisors with different expertise, we connect research group with government, industry and academia to improve sustainable usage of wood resources in ecology, production and individual lives.