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Programs of Study


The department of Forestry and Natural Resources offers programs of bachelor and master degrees. The undergraduate program is comprised of three fields: Forest biology and ecology, Forest and natural resources management, and Forest products. All courses are currently taught in Mandarin with some of them in English texts.

The undergraduate program requires four years of study and a minimum of 128 semester credits. The objective of the first year curriculum is to develop understanding of fundamental scientific principles, which serve as a sound basis for the synthesis of knowledge leading to rational problem-solving. From the second year on, the curriculum covers a wide range of approaches and skills in forestry and natural resources related topics. Options of concentration are provided: resources survey and information analysis, resources management, resources utilization, ecosystem management, resources conservation, and livelihood related utilization. Students must complete residence and courses requirements to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Bio-resources.

The master degree of science is an academic degree granted by the department of Forestry and Natural Resources. Full time students must be in-residence for one to four years and must complete at least 24 credits of appropriate courses and 6 thesis credits, and must submit an acceptable thesis based on original research. A student has to fulfill all these requirements and pass thesis oral defense to receive a Master of Science in Bio-resources. The required courses includes: seminar (2 credits), research program (2 credits), scientific writing (2 credits), contemporary forest development (3 credits), and thesis (6 credits).