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Departmental Scholarship

There are many available scholarships in the department of Forest and Natural Resources.  The departmental scholarships are open to both local and international students.   There is not any exclusive scholarship provided for international students. Most of our scholarships are not available to the new students.  The categories of scholarships may be classified as follows,


  • Scholarships for excellency:  there are usually two to four available scholarships per semester ranging from 5,000 NT dollars to 10,000 NT dollars.  The scholarships are usually awarded to the most excellent applicants depending on their academic scores.  


  • Scholarships for supporting students with weak financial situations:  Students with official documents of their weak financial situation are eligible for this type of scholarships.   However, they may need to provide their services of a certain number of hours to the department.  The scholarships range from 10,000 to 20,000 NT dollars per semester.


  • Scholarships for industrial practical training:  Some companies have agreements with our department to offer scholarships to those students whose course concentrations or theses are related to their companies.  The awarded students may need to go to their company for practical training during summers.   The extra allowances may be given depending on the practical training length.  


  • Teaching assistantships (TA):  There are generally 10-20 available teaching assistantships, ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 NT dollars per month during semesters.  


  • Research assistantships (RA):  The RAs are based on the research funds of major advisors. 


            Students may apply scholarships of above categories at the same semester, even if they are awarded university scholarships.  The university provides scholarships exclusively for international students.   For the information of university scholarships, please check the university website.